Top 7 Questions When Designing A Pool


A few years ago I decided my family needed a pool. Working from home, summers were becoming increasingly difficult as my kids got older and I needed an activity where they could just walk outside and have fun without leaving; building a pool was the answer. If you have ever put in a pool then you know what a stressful, exhausting and costly endeavor it can be, you can read all about our adventure in pool building here. I would still do it again in a flash, our pool is one of my favorite family gathering places where we have shared everything from lazy summer days to 70th Birthday celebrations.

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Designing Your Outdoor Oasis


The great outdoors, this is the perfect time of year to spruce up or create a setting that you can enjoy throughout the year. When creating an outdoor oasis here are a few steps to consider that may help drive your design decisions. Read more

Covered Porch Paradise


The concept of the covered porch is one my clients have embraced since I started designing homes. I have added front porches, back porches and verandas, all that enrich the quality of our lives. These areas provide places to sit , relax and smell the roses, no wonder why we love them so much. Read more