Outdoor Kitchen LOVE


This season I am designing a couple of patio areas and one that will include a kitchen. This is so exciting because I just love designing kitchens and I have not had the opportunity to design an outdoor kitchen in a few years. Join me as I begin the design process with pertinent questions that I need answered before I begin designing.

The first question I ask my clients is, where are we putting the kitchen? Some options are under a covered patio or porch, on an open air patio or deck, in a pool house or in a structure adjacent to an outdoor entertaining area. The location impacts the decisions on finishes and products, and should be determined before purchases are made. Read more

Designing Your Outdoor Oasis


The great outdoors, this is the perfect time of year to spruce up or create a setting that you can enjoy throughout the year. When creating an outdoor oasis here are a few steps to consider that may help drive your design decisions. Read more

Mediterranean Marvel


As Summer approaches I am working on several outdoor patio projects for clients, one specifically is looking to create a Mediterranean Oasis. In searching for inspiration I came across this home in coastal California designed by Chris Barrett Design, her philosophy in design is to use the brilliant light and clean sensibility of the California landscape. Read more