Ready, Set, Entertain: Easter


This year it is official, Easter is now my holiday to host. My Mom has always hosted Easter but she is passing the reins over to me. I want my table to be Easter chic and my menu to not feel like Thanksgiving. Today I am in search of table setting inspiration and simple decor ideas, I will worry about the menu and Easter Egg Hunt later in the week. The combination of a rustic farm-table with elegant china, a pop of yellow and the perfect place-card is just lovely. Read more

Valentines Day Styling


Wrapping up the Week of Accessories I wanted to share some simple ways to style your home for a holiday. Today we’re talking about Valentines Day but these simple tips can be applied to just about any holiday. Here are some Tips for Holiday Decorating;

1. Remove and pack up the existing mantel accessories and various accessories around the house to make room for the holiday decor. Starting with a clean slate makes this task much easier. Jump out of that box, we create when decorating, take down those pictures that never get changed and replace with a fun DIY project like above, learn how here. Read more