Accessorizing Made Easy


I am helping accessorize a room for my client Patrica this week and realized that there are a few basics when it comes to making a room feel finished. Her exact words were, “I want to walk in and feel happy”. I can select the perfect pieces of furniture for a room but unless I take the time to style it then it is not going to invite you. So where do we start? That is the best part, with accessories its up to you. I suggest starting with what matters (or bothers) you most. Horizontal surfaces were most important to my client; her coffee table, bookshelves and mantel needed to be addressed. Read more

Quick Fix: HomeGoods

homegoods 3

Lets be honest, when it comes to accessorizing our homes this typically happens when we have nothing left in our budget and our patience is wearing thin. One of my solutions to this problem is to take a run to HomeGoods, they have an ever-changing selection of intriguing accessories and furniture. I go to find those pieces that can complete my design or even to inspire a renovation. The HomeGo0ds blog is also a great place to find tips about the latest store finds and design topics. Check out this article on accessorizing your coffee table HERE.

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