Valentines Day Has An Official Blog: A BLOG ABOUT LOVE


I started blogging about interior design on a mission to help my readers solve their design dilemmas because it is my passion. In my busy life when I sit down to read my favorite blogs I want to learn something, I want to feel passion and honesty from the author. I read several blogs relating to interior design because I adore design but I also read blogs that can improve my well being and help me lead a passionate life, you get the idea. This year I will be married twenty years; I have three children ranging from four to sixteen, I am a professional interior designer and have been this entire time and recently launched a design blog (my dream). There is not a minute available to work on my marriage or be in love and it is seriously sad. My friends that have been married as long as I have and longer are experiencing the same feeling, where is the love? Almost as if we are different paths, we care deeply for our spouses and love them but we have no time to be in Love. Read more