Reader Romance: Love Locks Revisited


Hello friends, several weeks ago I posted an article about a trend that is happening called Love Locks. Couples from all over the world are inscribing their names on padlocks and attaching them to bridges or various other hot spots, then they toss away the key as a symbol of their everlasting love. I am so excited because one of my readers was celebrating her 26 th wedding anniversary and was so inspired by the post that she decided to do it! Here is the story in her own words, I think you will really enjoy it; Read more

Valentines Day Styling


Wrapping up the Week of Accessories I wanted to share some simple ways to style your home for a holiday. Today we’re talking about Valentines Day but these simple tips can be applied to just about any holiday. Here are some Tips for Holiday Decorating;

1. Remove and pack up the existing mantel accessories and various accessories around the house to make room for the holiday decor. Starting with a clean slate makes this task much easier. Jump out of that box, we create when decorating, take down those pictures that never get changed and replace with a fun DIY project like above, learn how here. Read more

Sailors’ Valentines


My daughter Cathy, creator of Adore Your Place and my son Art recently sent my husband and I on a trip to Sanibel Island, Florida to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary. There we truly experienced the magic of shells ( history of shelling) and spent hours and hours on the beautiful beaches of Sanibel shelling. I know what you are thinking, what is so great about finding some nice shells but anyone who has been to Sanibel understands the overwhelming magnitude and variety of shells that this island has to offer. I learned about shellcraft at Sanibels Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum on Sanibel Island where the displays are incredible., specifically these romantic Valentines, Sailors Valentines.

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Ready, Set, Entertain: Valentines Day


I just adore Valentines Day, even when I didn’t have so many little Valentines in my life, there is just something about LOVE being in the air that makes me happy. After finally putting away all of those holiday decorations the thought of decorating for Valentines Day is not high on the priority list for most of us. Today I want to share some simple touches that will create just the right amount of Valentines Day cheer. Let’s start outside; the first impression sets the mood, I like to hang a heart outside on our front door or on a garden gate for some holiday curb appeal. Makes everyone smile when they pass by it, they can’t fool me LOL.

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Valentines Day Has An Official Blog: A BLOG ABOUT LOVE


I started blogging about interior design on a mission to help my readers solve their design dilemmas because it is my passion. In my busy life when I sit down to read my favorite blogs I want to learn something, I want to feel passion and honesty from the author. I read several blogs relating to interior design because I adore design but I also read blogs that can improve my well being and help me lead a passionate life, you get the idea. This year I will be married twenty years; I have three children ranging from four to sixteen, I am a professional interior designer and have been this entire time and recently launched a design blog (my dream). There is not a minute available to work on my marriage or be in love and it is seriously sad. My friends that have been married as long as I have and longer are experiencing the same feeling, where is the love? Almost as if we are different paths, we care deeply for our spouses and love them but we have no time to be in Love. Read more

I Heart Vintage Valentines


Since I was a little girl I just love Valentines! I would anxiously await going to the store to pick out a box and I would make homemade Valentines for my family. It is no surprise then that I collect them today and adore decorating with them this time of year. I find myself in antique stores searching for things I need for my clients almost weekly (definitely a perk of the job) and this week several shops had vintage valentines displayed. How could I resist adding a few more to my collection (ranging from $1.50-$15.00), the perfect Friday Find. Above, I tossed some of my collection on my dining table and took a shot to help you get the idea LOL. Read more