For the Love of Vintage


When I was a little girl my Mom would give me a sweet little figurine for Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day. These little treasures were made by Lefton China and were inexpensive items to collect, several of my friends had them growing up as well. Above, this fab vintage collection from Old Glory Cottage is the epidemy of vintage Valentines Day from vintage handkerchiefs to decorated heart candy boxes and the figurines I loved collecting . Read more

I Heart Vintage Valentines


Since I was a little girl I just love Valentines! I would anxiously await going to the store to pick out a box and I would make homemade Valentines for my family. It is no surprise then that I collect them today and adore decorating with them this time of year. I find myself in antique stores searching for things I need for my clients almost weekly (definitely a perk of the job) and this week several shops had vintage valentines displayed. How could I resist adding a few more to my collection (ranging from $1.50-$15.00), the perfect Friday Find. Above, I tossed some of my collection on my dining table and took a shot to help you get the idea LOL. Read more