Comfortable Chic Living


If you are a Pinterest fan like I am you have probably pinned dozens of Martha O’Hara interiors and didn’t even know it. Her work combines clean lines with chic livability in a wide range of aesthetics, priding herself on never getting too comfortable with a particular “look”. This home is the perfect example and you will quickly understand why. Read more

Girly, Chic and Modern Workspace


Each week I answer design questions from readers ranging from; help me layout my bathroom tiles to selecting accent colors, revising kitchen plans to creating curb appeal and the list goes on. It is truly my passion to help you solve your design dilemmas so ask away, Just Ask. Several questions this week had to do with creating a feminine home office space, so let’s get designing.

Q. I need help with ideas for a home office, I need girly, chick and modern, clean looking. HELP! Model Mom

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Ask A Designer

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In case you didn’t notice we have an exciting category called Just Ask. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to answer your design questions and dilemmas, doing so once a week. This idea of helping as many people as I can with interior design was one of the main reasons I created the blog; to share my years of experience and lessons collected as a professional designer making good design available to anyone who is interested. I answer all questions sent and post one or two questions and answers to share with readers. So often we all experience similar design challenges, previously asked questions are also posted on the Just Ask home page for your reference.

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Making It Yours/Home Office


Q. I have paneling in my home office and hate it. Any ideas how to cover it or make it look better? Jacqueline

A: There are three options; take it down, paint it or cover it so let’s explore each. If you take it down there is a possibility that the walls behind maybe be salvageable, this was the case in my family room and I was able to spackle, prime and paint. Depending on how the paneling was installed the sheetrock behind may need to be replaced which then becomes the most costly option.  You may want to remove a small section of paneling to determine if this is an option. Read more